Unzila Idrees started Doodleinc. With her talent, passion, ambition and curiosity, and a passion for making art for the world. Despite the struggles of promoting and creating art in her city, she was able to do it. After some time, people raved about the idea of doodle art on products and started wearing them.

What issues or obstacles did you face as female Pakistani doodle artist and founder?

The biggest obstacle was to make people understand the product and design language, getting the message across of what we are going to do. Market visits were the hardest but in some time it all started making sense. I was clueless about marketing my products and was shy to promote it actively. It was a bit naïve, but it all helped me out.

What inspires you?

A lot of things, there’s no limit to that. Any person’s story can inspire you!

I have always been a fan of art, design and travel, that allows me to look from a different lens altogether. Music also moves me in many ways and puts me in a zone to create art.

Lessons you have learned so far?

No matter what, you have to keep going. Surrounding yourself with the right people is very important. Your own business/work, teaches you a lot of things such as patience and listening to your own heart. Sometimes, you want to give up but you cannot and you should not no matter what life brings for you.

Your future plans for Doodleinc.?

The major focus is to build a brand with so much love, that it leaves an impression on people and it matters even when it does not exist.

To make it international for the whole world to see, to make it known and loved!.

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